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Our Strategy

It All Starts With Your Website

All of your digital marketing efforts will lead people to your website so it has to be beautiful, user-friendly, and conversion and search engine optimized. A great website can educate consumers about your brand, products, or services, and guide them through the customer journey all the way to conversion. We evaluate our clients' websites as part of our onboarding process in order to prepare them for paid traffic.

Multichannel Lead Generation

Once your site is live and can convert new leads, we will utilize a combination of paid marketing channels to identify your best traffic sources. While most Filipino companies compete on social media, we don't limit our strategies to pure social media platforms. We advocate for a diversified strategy that includes channels such as Google Search and Shopping ads, which are highly underutilized in the Philippines. This way, you'll stay ahead of your competition, nurture unique customer touchpoints, and drive results.

First-Mover Advantage

As we build your digital marketing momentum, we always have your long-term goals in mind and strive towards building scalable marketing systems. The beauty of marketing in the Philippines is that you can still be a first-mover, whether it's to rank #1 on Google or experiment with the latest content trends, we will guide you every step of the way. We develop our skillset in global markets so when we bring the same tool kit to the Philippines, our results are stronger and more sustainable.

We Love Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.

Why Cardinal Digital?

Silicon Valley Standard

Our team members are products of the most prestigious universities in not only the Philippines but also the U.S., Singapore and more. They are also passionate about introducing tech innovations to the Philippine communities, especially in Manila. To concretize the experiences, our efforts consist of constant split-testing ad variables, rigorous data analysis, and the presentation of consumer insights to fuel our clients' success.

Entrepreneurial Agility

As the Philippines is the home of both established companies and growing startups, we love tailoring our solutions to suit various challenges and adapting to the fast-moving digital landscape. There is no single digital marketing solution for all companies. Unlike other marketing firms, our approach to our clients' businesses is transparent, data-driven, brand conscious, and business savvy.

Global Experience & Results

Taking into consideration both investor and consumer perspectives, we have realized that most successful companies continue to harness the latest digital marketing techniques to connect with today’s digital-first customers. Not only that, our team personally manages clients from more competitive and developed markets such as the US, Canada, and Europe. So the same marketing team that we'll assemble for you will have invaluable global experience to bring to your table.

We Love Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Our Process

Your Company & Customers

Before we start with our new ideas, campaigns, rebrand and the like, we want to get to know not only your business and her offline brand but also your customers. We follow the design thinking process of 1) empathizing with our clients, 2) defining the problem, 3) ideating, 4) prototyping, and 5) testing. This process has been successful for hundreds of companies in Singapore and in the United States. We are looking forward to concretize this process to your company to develop a strategy that meets your goals.

Self-Funded Marketing

We want to make your marketing efforts to fund themselves. We start with involving the highest buyer’s intent and then, take incremental steps toward your broader marketing vision. After proving ROI in the first stage, your small bet on digital marketing can pay off. Then, we move on to have increasing your marketing budget and eventually, produce greater returns.

Savvy Utilization of Data

We start with the smart use of the data. Each step is rooted in data insights from previous marketing efforts to make sure that the efforts do not steer too far away from the audience. Tools like Google Trends and Ahrefs Content Gap are utilized to ensure that leads will be timed for optimized conversions.

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Client Testimonials

"Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get 11 new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked through the weekend. Could not have scaled my business without their team."

- Dave H
, Oasis Air Conditioning

“Cardinal Digital was great - beyond optimizing the campaign, they also gave a lot of thought into my product, and how my campaign fit into that. It was very helpful to have them think strategically about my digital advertising on the whole, and they definitely went above and beyond.”

- Wallace W, OfficeCleanz

"I am a new business owner with a steep learning curve with all things promotion and tech. The Cardinal Digital team was easy to work with and I am very pleased with the work in creating a custom website. I look forward to working with them again on other aspects of my business."

- Nichole M, Meditation Mindfulness

"We found Cardinal Digital to be excellent at helping us figure out where to start with our social media marketing strategy. They helped us craft a high-ROI Google AdWords strategy and to link our websites to all the various Google and Facebook tags and pixels. Will definitely be working with Cardinal Digital again!"

- Tejal E,

"A pleasure to work with - we achieved nice results to our organic rankings through Cardinal Digital's efforts."

- Terry R,
Crystal Beverage Company

"Great work! Excellent communication! Highly recommend."

- Steve G,
Smart Exteriors LLC

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Singapore 239529
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