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We are digital marketers, growth hackers, and sales strategists who are committed to helping you achieve your business goals.

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Our Strategy

It All Starts With Your Website

All of your digital marketing efforts will lead people to your website so it has to be beautiful, user-friendly, and conversion and search engine optimized. A great website can educate consumers about your brand, products, or services, and guide them through the customer journey all the way to conversion. We evaluate our clients' websites as part of our onboarding process in order to prepare them for paid traffic.

Multichannel Lead Generation

Once your site is live and can convert new leads, we will utilize a combination of paid marketing channels to identify your best traffic sources, from Google Search and Youtube to Facebook and Instagram. Based on the different stages of the buyers’ funnel, we will match audiences, devices, marketing channels, content, and more to maximize your existing assets and create unique customer touchpoints, increase brand awareness, and drive results.

Sustainable Growth

As we build your digital marketing momentum, we always have your long-term goals in mind and strive towards building scalable marketing systems. Whether that means shifting to an SEO-first approach so you can rank #1 on Google or incorporating a more comprehensive content marketing strategy, we will guide you every step of the way. Armed with actionable performance data and exclusive consumer insights, your only direction will be onwards and up.

We Love Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.

Why Cardinal Digital?

Silicon Valley Strategy

Our team members are bred by the most prestigious universities from across the globe. This strategy calls for our experiences in the fields such as finance, technology, healthcare, and retail. These help us cultivate our passion in introducing tech innovations. We test the latest marketing strategies, crunch financials and design presentations to bring about the success of our companies. Now, we want to share the learnings, grit and innovation to your business.

Venture Capital Approach

As the U.S. is a home of both established companies and growing startups, we will look into their different marketing needs. With all the diverse companies, each company will need a customized digital marketing solution. Based on your needs to reach your goals, we can tailor a strategy for your business. Throughout the process, we commit to being your partners in growth by being business savvy, brand conscious, transparent and data-driven.

Proven Strategies

Digital marketing techniques can help you connect with your digital-first customers. It’s time for your company to to be available through different online customer touch-points. We have already partnered with dozens of companies across the globe to bring them success in the digital market.

Although, we do not stop there. Prior to kick starting campaigns, we will monitor data from your web traffic and customers to help you understand their values. The data will be analyzed and this analysis will be reported to you to drive content marketing and digital marketing strategies.

Our Process

User-Centric Campaigns

Before we blast-off to new campaigns, apps, rebranding and the like, we want to learn about your business, along with your offline brand and customers. We follow the design thinking process of 1) empathizing with our clients, 2) defining the problem, 3) ideating, 4) prototyping, and 5) testing. This process has been successful for hundreds of companies in Silicon Valley and around the world. We want to concretize this process so that we can develop a strategy that meets your company’s goals.

Self-Funded Marketing

Our goal is for your marketing efforts to fund themselves. First, we go for your lowest hanging fruit to reach the customer with the highest buyer’s intent. After that channel generates positives ROI, you will be able to invest higher up in the funnel to educate potential leads on your brand, product or service, and company. We try to prove ROI on a small scale first so that you are confident in your digital marketing investment.

Obsession Over Data

We believe that the smart use of data can have enormous impacts on your company and personalized marketing ability. Each step is grounded on previous marketing data insights to ensure that the efforts are still focused on the audience. Data from Google Trends and Ahrefs Content Gap, for example, are a few of the tools we use to make sure that leads will be timed for optimized conversions.

We Love Our Clients!

Custom Growth Strategies For Global & Local Companies.

We Will Help You Grow Your Business

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Client Testimonials

"Cardinal Digital's Adwords Services helped me get 11 new customers per week! Just a couple days of advertising, and I was booked through the weekend. Could not have scaled my business without their team."

- Dave H
, Oasis Air Conditioning

“Cardinal Digital was great - beyond optimizing the campaign, they also gave a lot of thought into my product, and how my campaign fit into that. It was very helpful to have them think strategically about my digital advertising on the whole, and they definitely went above and beyond.”

- Wallace W, OfficeCleanz

"I am a new business owner with a steep learning curve with all things promotion and tech. The Cardinal Digital team was easy to work with and I am very pleased with the work in creating a custom website. I look forward to working with them again on other aspects of my business."

- Nichole M, Meditation Mindfulness

"We found Cardinal Digital to be excellent at helping us figure out where to start with our social media marketing strategy. They helped us craft a high-ROI Google AdWords strategy and to link our websites to all the various Google and Facebook tags and pixels. Will definitely be working with Cardinal Digital again!"

- Tejal E,

"A pleasure to work with - we achieved nice results to our organic rankings through Cardinal Digital's efforts."

- Terry R,
Crystal Beverage Company

"Great work! Excellent communication! Highly recommend."

- Steve G,
Smart Exteriors LLC

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