Born in Silicon Valley, Blazing a trail across Southeast Asia

Your Glocal Agency

At Cardinal Digital, our goal is to learn globally, and impact locally.

Born in Silicon Valley where digital marketing has propelled countless billion-dollar unicorns, Cardinal Digital aims to keep up and continuously learn the latest in marketing to produce the best strategies for our clients.

Now with teams in Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia, we're equipped with a local understanding of the Southeast Asian market and culture. This is incredibly important in crafting effective marketing campaigns around the region.

So what does this mean for you? To put it simply, we are able to combine global best practices with our local knowledge to deliver the optimal outcomes for our clients. How does that sound for a Glocal agency?

Marketing Tech + Creative Content + Interdisciplinary Talent

We don't believe in a single, cut-and-dry, one-size-fits-all formula for success. We believe in the power of great content, rooted in the latest innovations of our marketing platforms, driven by a lean team brimming with ideas.

Because no two projects we take on are the same, we strive to push the limits of what we think we know, in order to get the job done. This results-oriented approach to marketing strategy is what fuels both our growth and the success of our clients.
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Long term success > Short term hacks

We are passionate about bringing scalable marketing systems to the clients we work with. As our clients' success skyrockets, so does ours as a team. No magic tricks there, we simply believe in sustainable growth. This makes us a valued long-term partner for many of the brands we work with.

What sets us apart? We don't chase quick fixes and call it a day. We find solutions to help your business succeed in the long run.
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Meet the team

Natalie Nguyen
CEO & Co-founder
Jason Zhang
Director & Co-founder
Erica Pelaez
Strategy & Operations Lead
Nina Mitra
Strategy & Operations Associate
Jake Enriquez
Content Editor
Joel Espinoza
Account Strategist
Gabriel Pineda
SEO Strategist
Kayla Sayson
Digital Marketing Executive
Alexis Miranda
HR & Admin Executive
Janica Ng
Content Writer
Brenda Precilla
SEO Link Executive
Galang Piliang
Associate Product Manager
Agung Sunarya
Back-End Engineer
Agung Dwi Putra
Front-End Engineer
Rizky Fathul Hakim
Front-End Engineer
Agus Zohari
Front-End Engineer
Jadhuk Herlambang W. N.
Front-End Engineer
Chief Happiness Officer

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