Luce Maintenance Group

How A Digital-First Strategy Grew a Small Traditional Business

Luce Maintenance Group is a commercial and residential facilities management company based in Singapore. They initially pursued outbound marketing to acquire new clients; however, this proved to be tedious and unscalable. So when direct sales becomes ineffective and time consuming, how does a traditional company find new potential customers?

Increasing brand visibility, at the right place, at the right time

Google Ads

  • We tapped Search Ads, which no other competitor was utilizing, to ensure that LMG was present in front of relevant audiences, when they were searching.
  • As a first mover, LMG’s Office Cleaning arm was able to capture up to 73% impression share, and their dominance persists until today.


  • Apart from paid search ads, we implemented search engine optimization strategies for longer term growth.
  • Today, LMG continues to rank #1 organically on Google search results for multiple keywords, with hundreds of new leads coming in annually.

Facebook Ads

  • We supplemented our search strategies with social media ads on Facebook. This allowed us to recapture non-converting users at a lowered CPC.
The results
Increase in Engaged Traffic
Average Monthly Ecommerce Website Revenue Growth
Average Return on Ad Spend on Facebook Ads

Powered by strong search strategies across all verticals, we were able to provide Luce with a winning formula for increased traffic and growth in different sales channels.

Andre Brown
Luce Maintenance Group

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