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December 29, 2023
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One of the biggest advantages of living in sunny Singapore is the pleasure of only shopping for one season. With 365 days of sun, there’s no question that Singapore has become a fashion blogger haven. While autumn and winter do offer great fashion looks, the summer season provides versatility. With Singapore’s Instagram-worthy locations, here are some of the country's top fashion and lifestyle bloggers you should be following!

Singapore Fashion Bloggers: 10 Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now

1. Viola Tan-Co

Viola Tan is considered to be one of Singapore’s most popular influencers. Wanting to be a lawyer or novelist as a child, life had a different plan for Viola. With that, she started a company called Love, Bonito. As one of the three owners of Love Bonito, her style is edgy glamour that still maintains that elegant sophistication, inspired by the people she meets and different cultures.

Instagram: @violaerin

2. Nicole Wong

As one of Singapore’s most popular influencers, Nicole didn’t start her career in the fashion industry. Instead, she was a graphic designer. But after covering for Seoul Fashion Week, everything changed. Since then, she has become an important contributor to Buro 24/7, Her World magazines, and NYLON Indonesia. Nicole’s fashion sense focuses mostly on leather jackets and jewelry inspired by the ’90s.

Website: https://www.nplusc.co/

Instagram: @ncwong

3. Christabel Chua

After graduating from university in Australia, Christabel is now in South Korea. She describes her fashion sense as preppy and girly, heavily influenced by the LA-based fashion blog Song of Style. Her popularity stems from her girl-next-door attitude, being more like a friend than a celebrity and is considered as one of the best bloggers in Singapore.

Website: https://www.iamkai.co

Instagram: @bellywellyjelly

4. Jessica Ho

Owner of Jess the Grrl, Jessica Ho is also a Visual Merchandiser and Stylist. Jessica stays in trend by playing with bright and playful colors, taking on a refreshing and modern take on fashion.

Website: http://jessthegrrl.blogspot.com/
Instagram: @jessthegrrl

5. Fatiha Faulzi

Fatiha started documenting her daily life and style back in 2010. Her aesthetic is a combination of feminine and elegant styles. She hopes to encourage her followers to explore and enjoy their own personal style.

Instagram: @fatihafaulzi

6. Crystal Phuong

Despite starting her blog in 2006, it wasn’t until 2012 when Crystal Phuong realized she wanted to take her online journey, changing her online diary to a personal style and travel blog. Crystal’s blog, CrystalPhuong,net was nominated four times in Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs in the annual Singapore Blog Award from 2012-2015, her blog was also voted as one of the Best Lifestyle Blogs in SG 2013.

Website: https://www.crystalphuong.net/
Instagram: @crystalphuong

7. Velda Tan

Velda is a fashion influencer with nearly 150k fans. She is known for inspiring her followers with her simple and classy looks. In addition, Velda is also the founder of Collate the Label and Our Second Nature. Her designs have captured the hearts of young Singaporeans, helping them achieve a stylish and fashionable look without having to break the bank.

Instagram: @belluspuera

8. Nellie Lim

Recognized for her mismatched style, high street looks, and killer heels, Nellie has built her brand through a keen eye and for finding the best locations around Singapore for the best #OOTD. If you’re looking for some serious fashion inspiration and some wanderlust, be sure to follow her account!

Instagram: @nellielim

9. Andrea Chong

One of the top fashion bloggers in Singapore, Andre Chong’s style is a mix of girl-next-door, casual fashion, and sophistication. Andrea believes that it’s the confidence that is key to looking good and not expensive clothes. Because of her sense of style, Andrea has been voted as the Fashion Icon of the Year in 2015’s Singapore Social Media Awards. In addition, she is also the founder of DC Creative, a digital advertising agency.

Website: www.dreachong.com
Official website: https://thedcedit.com/
Instagram: @dreachong

10. Rachel Lim

Final member of Love, Bonito, Rachel’s take on fashion is a bit edgier than that of the Tan sisters. Rachel gets her inspiration from fashion powerhouses, resulting in a combination of elegant and simple styles with statement jewelry.

Instagram: @ms_rach

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