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December 29, 2023
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Graphic design is defined as the art of projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual materials. Graphic design gives you the opportunity to communicate certain ideas in a visual way that both attracts and educates your audience.

Not only are graphic designs made to look beautiful but they are also made to make sure conversions are made. Hence, great graphic designs are both beautiful to look at and lead generating. It is a process of connecting your customers with your business, having a great appeal can lead to loyal customers through the years.

Graphic design is used by many companies in many ways, such as to market and promote their business through advertising, by websites and short infographics to make large information easily digestible, or through branding by developing an identity for your business in order for your customers to remember you.

Why is Graphic Design Important for Your Business?

Design is a skill that many companies can buy, but only the truly gifted graphic design companies will take it to the next level, enhancing your messaging and conveying your ideas effectively.

1. A Positive First Impression

First impressions are very important, so remember you only have a few seconds to impress your potential clients and influence their decision in your favor. Preparing an aesthetically pleasing graphic design can help your leads become potential clients.

2. It Sets Your Business Apart

With a market that is heavily saturated with graphic design, it is important to stand out. You are not the only choice at the table, how you represent your brand will also have an influence in your client’s decision.

3. It Conveys Professionalism and Credibility

Presentation is an important aspect in business, and you will be more likely to be perceived as trustworthy when your graphic design is professionally done.

4. A Good Way to Summarize Ideas

Good graphic design is a great way to summarize all your thoughts and ideas as you present them to the public.

5. Persuasive Power

Graphic design can help sway your customers' decision making process, from a brochure to a billboard. It is also another way for your customers to feel like they are connected to your brand.

6. Enhance Sales

Customers have a way of associating the quality of your product with its design and packaging. If the design on the packaging is appealing to them, the higher the chances of them purchasing the product. Hence, a graphic design that has taken into account the target market, or potential customers, will help in increasing your sales.

7. Establish Company Name

When people talk about brands, the first thing that comes to mind is your logo. Your logo serves as memories of your brand; the more intricate and stunning they are, the more your customers will remember you and think positively about your brand.

8. A Good Way to Ear Goodwill and Establish Trust in the Market

Good aesthetics can inspire confidence in your customers. Focusing on developing beautiful designs for your business will lead to your customers’ loyalty. The more your brand design appeals to their senses, the more they will be trusting of your products or services.

9. Convey a Brand Message

As compared to text, graphics can convey a message in a more meaningful way. It is also easier to digest large information through visually appealing graphics, than words. Playing around with different shapes, colors, and placements can evoke emotions from your audience.

10. Unites Employees

One of the biggest assets a company can have is their employees. A group of people working together to achieve a common goal. Graphic design is a good way to help foster and strengthen the bond between employees. Your brand identity, such as your logo, your website, brochures and other company-related designs create a common front that your employees can identify with.

11. Enhances Content Reliability

With graphic design, you can make your content more readable to the public. Having your graphic designers choose appropriate images, text fonts and sizes are a sure way to get your readers hooked.

12. People Love Graphics

Graphic design can be seen anywhere and everywhere in the world. Despite the different languages they may appear in different parts of the world that we cannot understand, but because it was made with the intent of being noticed, even those who do not speak the language will find beauty and appreciate the design. No matter where you are or who you are, people love graphics.

How to Select the Right Graphic Design Company

1. Review client testimonials

Client testimonials are a great way to learn about a company and how they worked in the past. It is also another good way to see the different types of work that they have done previously. With companies working with so many different clients throughout the years, bad reviews will pop up once in a while. The bad reviews will also give insight to the audience since it gives the company a chance to deal with these unfavorable comments.

2. Study their work & portfolio

Always look at their portfolio. This will show you their wide array of designs, and their vast capabilities, showing you what they have offered previously, and what they can offer you in the future. In addition, taking a look at a graphic designer’s portfolio will help you understand the process of their work, giving you a clear rationale behind their work culture and ethics.

3. Review their pricing & Packages

Budget is another important factor in choosing a graphic designer or a graphic design company. Discussing numbers will make an even ground for both your company and the graphic design company, laying out what can be done for the right price.

Graphic Design Company Singapore: List of Top Creative and Design Agencies

1. Decadence Design

Decadence Design is a Singapore based design firm whose focus is on the F&B and retail industry. In order to deliver top-notch designs, the Decadence Design team follows a 7-step process to ensure that each design project promotes your brand, and has a positive effect on your audience.

Decadence Design offers services from Corporate Identity, Logo Design, and Collateral Design, to name a few. They have also garnered the respect and trust of their partner brands such as SC International, District 10, and more.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Logo Design, Corporate Identity, Collateral Design, Viscom

Clients: SC International, District 10, EMD Energy, Chin Yuan Metal, Alliance Human resources

2. Roots

Roots is an independent branding and creative studio located in Singapore with Jonathan Yuen as their creative director. With their focus on cultures, ideas and craft, Roots develops meaningful design stories for a wide range of industries.

Roots’ specializes in 4 main categories: Brand Identity, Creative Direction, Communications and Graphic Design. Roots have also worked with Wonderland Botanicals, Lee Wee & Brothers

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding Identity, Creative Direction, Communications and Graphic Design.

Clients: BASF Footwear, Prism of Truth, Singapore Bicentennial, Nanyang Porcelain

3. That Design Agency

A one-stop creative design agency, That Design Agency, is an innovative marketing solutions provider in Singapore. That Design Agency’s achievements include being the appointed creative agency for NDP 2016’s. Since then, That Design Agency has been working with clients such as Fairmont Singapore, and Scotts Square, to name a few.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Advertising, Branding, Event Production, Graphic Design

Clients: Advanti racing, EVA Air, Cisco Systems, Ministry of Education

4. United Graphic

United Graphic was established in 1987, and with 37 years of experience, United Graphic has been providing creative services to its clients. With many years in services, United Graphic and their team of designers and consultants emphasize on Intellectual Property Protection which protects the rights and interests of their customers.

United Graphic has worked with Inforcom, Decathlon Singapore, and Suntec City.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Photo ReTouch, Graphic Design, Print

Clients: Inforcom, Decathlon Singapore, Suntec City, SuperPark United

5. Tilt

Tilt is a branding, design, and advertising agency found in Singapore offering up services such as campaigns, and digital design. They have worked with various clients such as the Tripartite Alliance for fair and progressive Employment Practices and Sompo Insurance, to name a few.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding, Graphic Design

Clients: Downtown East, SOS, TAFEP

6. PIRR Creatives

As a top creative graphic design company, PIRR Creatives provides a wide range of creative designs and marketing services, including Digital Marketing, Logo and Graphic Design, and Branding.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding, Graphic Design

Clients: National University of Singapore, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Management University

7. &Larry

Founded in 2005, &Larry has evolved to be the fastest-growing design company in Singapore. Since then, Larry’s work has been internationally recognized, garnering awards from Singapore Creative Circle Awards and One Show (New York).

&Larry offers services such as Branding & Identity, Branding Strategy, and Design Consultancy to name a few.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Art Direction, Brand Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design

Clients: Direct Funeral Services, GIC Office, Takashimaya

8. Design Start

Design Start is an independent Singaporean graphic design company that partners with small businesses, startups, and corporations. Design Start helps brands change how their audience perceives them, one design at a time.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Logo Design, Business Cards & Stationery, Poster Design, Social Media Design

Clients: GameStart, Trizilla, BitBit, OCtavia

9. Fable

Fable, a design and consultancy firm in Singapore, is recognized at the established international design competition such as the Tokyo Type Directors Club and the British Design & Art Direction Awards.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Brand Strategies, Creative Campaigns, Print & Digital Communications, Visual Identities

Clients: Azimuth Watch, Deloitte, HydraX,  InspireTech, The Balance Company

10. Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy, an award-winning design firm, caters to small and medium enterprises. They offer different design capabilities such as product design, print marketing consulting, and graphic design. With their capabilities, they have worked with hundreds of notable clients such as Wanderlust Hotel, Stella M, and The Working Capitol.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding, Graphic Design

Clients: Paul & Marigold, 22Ships, Cocotte, Loysel’s Toy

11. Molly Design

Molly Design provides professional and design services at an affordable rate. Serving numerous clients from start-ups and SMEs.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Brochure Design, Corporate Design, Poster and Brochure Design

Clients: Admiralty Secondary School, Nanyang Technological University, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

12. Bureau

Bureau, an award-winning graphic design company has won numerous awards while testing the limits of graphic design. Bureau is also expanding, making them easier to locate.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Graphic Design, Product Design, Furniture

Clients: Singapore Academy of Law, Iskandar Jalil, Levis Strauss Asia Pacific

13. PGS Design

As a one-stop graphic and interior design house, PGS Design is also a subsidiary of PGS Holdings Pte. Ltd. PGS has expanded to markets like China, the Philippines and Indonesia.

PGS has worked with renowned businesses such as Kopitiam and Wendy, and has won notable awards inducing Singapore Brands in 2015, and SME One Asia Awards in 2013.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding, Corporate Identity, Advertising and Graphic Design

Clients: Dough Culture, Qiji, Wendy, Kopitiam

14. Dexel

An integrated graphic design agency, Dexel provides full service design solutions for both small businesses and big corporations. In addition, Dexel is also certified and trained to work with software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and more.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Branding, Illustration, Publication

Clients: Marina Bay Golf Course, JP Nelson, Ministry of Transport

15. Bravo

A top graphic designer and branding studio, Bravo consists of a team with experienced designers, consultants and marketers. They have been providing their services, such as graphic design, brand naming, and concept development since 2010.

Bravo has worked with recognizable clients such as Sephora, Nike, Resorts World Sentosa.

Headquarters: Singapore

Services Offered: Brand Naming, Diagnosis & Positioning, Identity Design, Motion & Animation

Clients: Converse, Jinjja Chicken, Mamonde, Reebok, Yahoo

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