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December 29, 2023
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One of the toughest jobs in the world today is being a parent. Parenthood requires no formal training and no matter how many books on parenting you read, or how prepared you may feel, one can never be fully prepared. But the outcome will always be worth it.

All this to say that in order to thrive in parenthood, you will need a tribe of fellow parents to share their experiences with, and with the technological age that we are in now, moms everywhere get to share their journey with each other. Be it they may be the mummy readers or the mummy bloggers.

Each with their own unique style of writing, these Singapore mummy bloggers have amassed thousands of fans. Providing a platform where fellow mothers can share their experiences with each other. With so many mummy bloggers out there, we’ve created this list of parenting blogs for you to enjoy.

Parenting Blogs Singapore: 10 Mummy Bloggers You Should Be Following

1. MummyWEE

screenshot from mummywee blog's instagram

With 6 kids, life is definitely an adventure! Lucky for us, Mummy Wee, the Singapore-based author shares with us her journey from being a stay-at-home mom, a working mom, and how she juggles her 6 beautiful children. Mommy Wee shares in her blog some insightful and in-depth articles on all the highs and lows of the parenting journey.



Followers: 629

2. The Chill Mom

screenshot from the chill mom's instagram

Michell Hon, the SG mummy blogger behind The Chill Mom provides a wide range of topics from self-care, children development, and mumpreneurship resources for mothers alike. This mom of three believes that motherhood is the most beautiful and rewarding experience a woman can have, and through her blog, she talks about motherhood, pregnancy, kids, home, and lifestyle. Her blog also aims to instill confidence in every new parent while living the dream.



Followers: 80K

3. Etrangle

screenshot from etrangle's website

Diah Roslan, the creator of the Etrangle blog and mother of three, envisioned the blog back when she was 16 years old. Now, it is a platform where she shares her life as a stay-at-home mom - and the occasional work-at-home mom. Her blogs offer a wide collection of stories from her life, including mummy anecdotes, musings, and some resourceful tips for moms of all kinds. In addition to being the creator of Etrangle, Diah is also a makeup artist.


4. Motherkao

screenshot from mother kao's blog

Stay-at-home mom turned working-mom, Elizabeth Kao is the brains behind Motherkao. Elizabeth started Motherkao as a way to keep her memories as a mom, as well as to journal her motherhood experiences with her three beautiful children. With this, she is now sharing with her readers her collection of motherhood stories, writing about living with her three children.


5. A Happy Mum

screenshot from a happy mum's website

Parenting can be a crazy journey, but Happy Mum is here to make those days brighter. Summer, the brain behind Happy Mum started the blog to share with her readers moments of inspiration. This stay-at-home mom with three children spreads the love with her followers, arts and crafts, hope in this crazy journey, and all things parenthood.


6. A Juggling Mom

Susan is the author behind A Juggling Mom, a Singapore-based parenting and lifestyle blog where she shares with her readers her role as a full-time working mom, as well as topics such as marriage, health and fitness, and activities for kids. This mom of two also shares with her followers some arts and crafts, and fun activities to do with your kids.


7. Life is in the small things

screenshot from

Mum of two, Mummybean is the author behind the blog Life Is In the Small Things. Mummybean blogs about parenting, learning and education for pre-schoolers, as well as fashion for kids. Mummybean shares her love and joy for her kids bring her with straightforward messages that just warms your heart, showing the devoted and loving mother she is.


8. A Pancake Princess

screenshot from a pancake princess' website

Dotz, creator of the blog A Pancake Princess, shares her experiences as a mother and wife to her readers. Alongside all the happy moments of motherhood, Dotz also shares the struggles and failures that mothers may grapple with - knowing that she is not alone in this journey. In addition to her blog, Dotz is also a regular contributor to The New Age Parents, New Age Pregnancy, and The Kitchen Society.


9. The Pleasure Monger

pleasure monger website

Rachel started The Pleasure Monger as an online diary, spilling inside stories, her everyday thoughts, struggles, and highlights of her day. She often writes about things that inspire her, and that is her loved ones. Her tip for aspiring bloggers? Be true to what you write.


10. Mother, Inc

screenshot from mother, inc website

This mother of five, Daphne started the Mother, Inc, a Singapore-based blog to share her journey with her tribe of young children. She writes about the growth, milestones, and ups and downs of being a mom. Presenting her readers an endearing look at her life with five children.


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