#CareerCon2019: A Future-Forward Job Fair for the Digital Age

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December 29, 2023
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Kalibrr Hosting the #CareerCon2019
Kalibrr, Southeast Asia’s first and only end-to-end recruitment solutions provider, in partnership with events and content company Future Proof PH, join forces for the first-ever Career Con 2019 — a one-of-a-kind career fair for the digital age that redefines how specialized jobs and talents are acquired and how industry trends are shared.

On July 20th, employers from various industries — from founders and CEOs to hiring managers and job recruiters — and professionals on the hunt for new career opportunities all came together for the first-ever Career Con 2019. An inaugural hiring event by Kalibrr and Future Proof PH, the first-of-its-kind job fair was created to change and revitalize how traditional career conferences are held and experienced.

Held at the Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati City, the event also doubled as an avenue for networking opportunities and industry-related talks between professionals and seasoned key players in different business sectors.

Speaking of the event’s mission during the program, Future Proof PH General Manager Trish Elamparo Esteban shared, “Traditional job fairs have been transactional in nature, where employers and job-seekers simply come together to exchange CVs. We aim for Career Con to be different by being a platform for discovery of top talent. This is not only for ‘job seekers’ who are currently unemployed, but also for ‘growth seekers’ who want to further define their career paths.”

Acknowledging the influence of technology in today’s corporate landscape, the lineup of talks explored different topics about career advancement in this day and age. The speakers, from start-up founders and CEOs to data scientists, analysts, and a philanthropist, all imparted their career-boosting tips in front of hundreds of individuals seeking of new ways to broaden their skill sets and industry knowledge.

Evident's CEO Cecile Dominquez-Yujuico at #CareerCon2019
Evident founder and CEO Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico on preparing for careers that don’t exist yet

Rounding up the first half of the talks, Evident Communications founder and CEO Cecile Dominguez-Yujuico talked about the power of change as a catalyst for constant improvement in the workplace. SCALE founder and CEO Carla Mumar, meanwhile, spoke of the different ways of how one can maintain relevance in today’s modern workforce.

During the afternoon sessions, insightful tips, inspiring stories, and personal career journeys from different leaders were further explored. Speaking of ‘How To Silicon Valley Your Career,’ Cardinal Digital co-founder and CEO Natalie Nguyen shared her early experiences of working in the global hub of technology and innovation and gave her tips on how professionals can adopt ‘The Silicon Valley mindset’ to fuel their careers. Machine Ventures founder and CEO Shahab Shabibi on the other hand, spoke of how self-employment is a promising career move that professionals these days can consider.

Cardinal Digital's CEO Natalie Nguyen at #CareerCon2019
Cardinal Digital co-founder and CEO Natalie Nguyen shares her secrets on “How To Silicon Valley Your Career”

Similar career-related topics were echoed by Rina Guzman, CX Asia Pacific Program & In-Country Transformation Advisory Leader of CISCO, who spoke of the many different ways a professional can future-proof one’s career. Furthermore, digital-themed discussions were held by Data Analyst Antonio Yamzon and Senior Digital & Research Executive Mari Arambulobo from Cobena Business Analytics & Strategy, who both highlighted the importance of data as a significant aspect in continued advancements in technology and career-building.

Source: https://www.kalibrr.com/blog/2019/07/future-proof-ph-and-kalibrr-hold-first-ever-career-con

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