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December 29, 2023
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From Uber's "Chope King" to Tiffany & Co. and Tiong Bahru Bakery's "Breakfast at Tiffany's", successful marketing campaigns have a way of sticking with us long after we've purchased something or formed an opinion about them. 

This is because great marketing campaigns make brands memorable by giving a brand personality and identity, while subtly influencing how consumers interact with a product or service. 

What is a Marketing Campaign?

Marketing campaigns are well-planned and well-executed efforts to promote a specific business goal, such as increasing product awareness. Marketing campaigns are frequently the preferred strategy for businesses in competitive niches because they're an excellent way to engage customers while also maintaining market share and relevance - but they are beneficial to businesses in various industries. 

The Importance of Marketing Campaigns

The importance of marketing campaigns lies in the benefits they offer business, most notably brand differentiation. 

Effective differentiation is one of the main challenges businesses face competing in today's business terrain. In a world where the competition is fighting just as hard, if not harder, than you are, building a unique brand identity for a business is tough. 

Tough, but not impossible.  Big brands like Pepsi have succeeded in creating distinct brand identities that set them apart from the competition and have allowed them to command a large market share in their niche. How? With stellar social media and marketing campaigns of course! 

Running campaigns with a series of touchpoints will capture the attention of a customer better than a single ad. And because a terrific marketing campaign employs theme-based advertisements, these campaigns can last for years - influencing customers' buying decisions and increasing sales. 

That said, here are some of the best marketing campaigns in Singapore that you can draw inspiration from or replicate for your next marketing campaign. 

5 Examples of the Best Marketing Campaigns in Singapore

“We are sorry” by Irvins Singapore

What's worse than spoiled milk in the fridge? A dead lizard in a snack pouch, and a PR nightmare for Irvins! 

Thankfully, a well-crafted "We are sorry" campaign saved the popular snack brand's from doom following a Facebook post by a customer who discovered a dead lizard in a pack of Irvins salted egg fish skin.

Here are the touchpoints in this campaign (albeit non-traditional) that made it a win in our eyes: an apology was issued by the brand's CEO, Irvin Gunawan, acknowledging the incident, promising to do better, and offering restitution to the affected customer. All masterfully crafted to portray Irvins as a company that genuinely cares about its customers and would never intentionally harm them.

It worked!

 As soon as the post was made on Irvins Facebook page, it quickly received over 16k shares and 10K comments, many of which included the words "sincere," "honest," and "responsible." Many people also promised to keep supporting the brand.

“Meet me halfway” by SK-II

One of the key ingredients that make marketing campaigns successful is a brand's understanding of their customer's persona. The "Meet me halfway" campaign by SK-II is an excellent example of how to create successful campaigns by representing and addressing the pain points of your target audience through personalized brand messaging. 


8 out of 10 single women in China are hesitant to return home for Chinese New Year because the nagging about finding a husband and starting a family during the festivities can become unbearable.


To bridge the generational divide, luxury toiletries and cosmetics brand SK-II persuaded three single women to speak freely and ask their parents to meet them halfway – literally and metaphorically – in a mini-documentary.


Following its release on WeChat,  "Meet me Halfway" received over 75 million views and an organic global reach of approximately 1.18 billion!

“A World Without Telco Contracts” by Circles.Life

One of the best ways for a new player in a highly competitive market to quickly gain brand recognition and a customer base is to sell disruption. This is what Circles.Life did with its "A World Without Telco Contracts" campaign. 

As Singapore's first virtual network operator, the major challenge Circles.Life faced was a target market that did not understand their product and were averse to the unfamiliar. Taking a page out of Netflix and Uber's playbook, Circles.Life decided to sell not against competitors, but the status quo.

The consistency of their messaging quickly earned the media’s attention, and with it, the attention of their target audience - now, on average, Circles.Life has over 800,000 site visits. 

“Tiger district bottle” by Tiger Beer and Singapore Tourism Board(SBT) 

An underutilized marketing strategy is the use of immersive product experiences to tell a compelling brand story. The genius of this strategy is exemplified in the "Tiger District Bottle" campaign by Tiger Beer and SBT. 

Tiger Beer tugs on the heartstrings of its audience by highlighting the beauty of Singapore with the release of 20 limited-edition Tiger beer bottles featuring artwork inspired by iconic and cultural elements of Singapore - Four with AR effects that customers could experience on the Facebook app. 

This campaign was so well received by Tiger Beer's "smart urban man" demographic that over a million limited edition bottles were sold in the weeks following the campaign's launch. 

“Worth the trip” by  NTUC Fairprice

What did Singapore's largest supermarket chain, NTUC Fairprice, do when the growing popularity of online delivery platforms threatened its market share?

Launch an integrated successful campaign called "Worth the Trip" to engage and remind their customers of the high-quality produce available at their stores, and the human element that brick and mortar supermarkets provide! 

The standout feature of this campaign is the use of an omnichannel distribution strategy. The "Worth The Trip" campaign used in-store promotions, video content (online videos and film), social media, and out-of-home advertising to highlight what made shopping at FairPrice worthwhile. 


As new marketing channels emerge, the potential impact and reach of marketing campaigns will expand, allowing you to do more. Don't be afraid to push the limits! But remember that your brand messages must be communicated consistently across all platforms. After all, the goal is for your audience to feel the same way about your brand regardless of the platform they're on.

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