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December 29, 2023
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With the ever-increasing cost of living in Singapore coupled with the pandemic-driven global economic instability, being on top of your financial game is increasingly becoming a necessity.

Our recommendation to get there? Read some of the top financial blogs and websites in Singapore and get everything from basics of money management to advanced trading tips to career advice and more to turbocharge your finances.

The Importance of Finance Blogs

Whether you are just starting out or looking for better ways to manage your wealth, finance blogs can fill up the gaps in your knowledge or provide you with current news and forecasts that will ensure you are ready for whichever life stage you are stepping into and hit your wealth goals.

It is always better to learn from someone else’s mistakes and experiences and avoid the cost, whether it is monetary or time. In fact, one of the most basic principles of finance is the time value of money, and having a grasp of financial knowledge earlier will always set you up for success - especially when you pair it with compound interest!

Given the tons of finance blogs available online catering to a wide range of readers, we have shortlisted the best 12 Singapore finance blogs in 2021 that are granted to be relevant to you.

Top 12 Singapore Best Finance Blogs 2021

  1. The Simple Sum

The Simple Sum (previously Asia Finance) is a personal finance blog that teaches about money by using simple graphics that are suitable for anyone starting out on their finance journey to easily grasp complex financial concepts.

  1. The Woke Salaryman

The Woke Salaryman is a finance blog that uses visual storytelling that often involves the founders’ own life stories and journey — a narrative that can be highly relatable to Singaporeans. You can learn about different things like buying your HDB, CPF or dealing with retrenchment in an Covid-19 economy and government grants that help through their articles and illustrations.

  1. The Smart Investor SG 

If you are an investor, you probably are disappointed by the closure of The Motley Fool Singapore, well Smart Investor SG which was co-founded by David Kuo, the ex-CEO of The Motley Fool Singapore in 2019 is here to fill that gap. Besides analysing Singaporean stocks, The Smart Investor also provides investment-related content like general investment tips and investment strategies.

  1. The Motley Fool

The Motley Fool is the only non-Singapore based website on our list. If you want to have a global perspective and invest in other markets, this website compiles articles from so many investment advisors that you’ll never run out of material. 

While they have paid subscription services for more in-depth stock recommendations and portfolio construction services, just their free content will be sufficient for you to learn about the global markets and get updated on various stock news.

  1. SG Budget Babe 

SG Budget Babe written by Dawn Cher is probably a name you have heard of, as she is known for simplifying complex concepts into simple messages for the layman. 

Her blog consists of money-saving tips for personal finance, financial independence, insurance and investment tools that give you handles on how to cut expenses, hacks for CPF, invest and more. If you are wondering about a certain issue from wedding budget to which investment platform to use, you can find your answer on her blog.

  1. Dollars and Sense

Dollars and Sense is another local publisher focused on helping people to make better financial decisions with articles on the whole spectrum of financial topics including Saving & Spending, Insurance, Housing, Trading, Property, Business and even Policies.

Their content is beginner-friendly with little jargon (or explanations for it), making it a great place to start your financial journey along with advanced tips across the topics.

  1. Seedly

Seedly first started out developing a personal finance tracking app that integrates with local bank accounts, but has since grown into a popular blog and community site where many users ask and answer finance related questions. 

Their blog includes topics highly relevant to the local context and often curated from trending topics raised in their community, making it a great place to go if you are looking for targeted answers. 

  1. The New Savvy

The New Savvy is a financial website with an emphasis on empowering women in the areas of finance, investment and career. Founded by Anna Haotanto, The New Savvy provides useful content focusing on challenges and opportunities faced by women today.

  1. SingSaver  

The SingSaver stands out from the other sites as it specialises in comparisons of credit cards and personal loans, but they also provide helpful tips on cutting expenses, utilising credits cards and investing. 

  1. MoneySense

MoneySense was launched by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Ministry of Manpower in an effort to improve national financial literacy. They have recently revamped and refreshed the website with a huge library of resources to help those in Singapore better understand financial concepts and also share the relevant tools.

Being a non-profit initiative launched by the Government, MoneySense is definitely a trustworthy source of free information to check out.

  1. T.U.B Investing

Written by a successful investor, T.U.B Investing contains a wealth of investment tips and financial insights, specifically on passive income investing and long-term trends and growth aimed to help readers invest to develop multiple streams of income.

  1. Dr Wealth

Dr Wealth is a site aimed at educating Singaporeans about investing through their free guides and paid courses.

Their guides cover topics such as STI ETF, Singapore REITs, Value Investing and Factor-Based Investing and also recently expanded to include trading.

Final Word

The world of finance can be a zero-sum game, where even those supposedly on your side, are incentivised against you — agents and their commissions for example. This makes it hard to navigate the immense amounts of tools and investment products available, and often result in costly lessons if one is ill-prepared.

Hence, we highly recommend studying top finance blogs with unbiased perspectives relevant to your current situation that can help you make the right decisions towards financial freedom.

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