The Top 24 Food Bloggers in Singapore

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December 29, 2023
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In a country where one can be spoiled for choice with the various restaurants available, restaurant marketing is an important aspect to get your business out there. With Singaporeans' love of food growing, restaurant owners need to keep up with the demand. But it may be difficult for restaurants to make a name for themselves in such a saturated and competitive market.

With a million possibilities on how to market your restaurant, you may be left confused and struggle to make the right decision. That’s where food bloggers come in.

Not only are they talented individuals who take mouth-watering photos, but food bloggers are also great at marketing what restaurants have to offer. With the massive following that they have built, and the ability to manage multiple social media accounts, food bloggers are great at spreading the word - whether to check out a new restaurant, or a new dish that you cooked up, or even those you have to steer clear from.

Working with food bloggers can take your restaurant to new heights. And with Singaporeans love for food growing daily, there is no question as to the benefits of working with food bloggers.

With that said, here are a few food bloggers in Singapore that you should be following to keep your taste buds up to date!

1. Shawn - Secret Life of Fatbacks

screenshot from shawn - secret life of fatbacks' instagram post

This full-time corporate and commercial lawyer, Shawn started Secret Life of Fatbacks to find solace from the stress and chaos while studying law at the National University of Singapore. Though not a professional food critic or photographer, Shawn does not shy away from sharing his food experience and love of writing about food with his followers.


Owner Name: Shawn

Instagram: @larvitar

Followers: 19,100

2. Mighty Foodie

screenshot from mighty foodie's instagram post

Avid marathon runner, and owner behind the blog Mighty Foodie, Joe is a Singapore based food blogger who knows how to take advantage of the food paradise that is Singapore. Follow his blog and Instagram for a trip to gourmet heaven.


Owner Name: Joe Yang

Instagram: @mightyfoodie

Followers: 25,500

3. Food Gem

screenshot from food gem's instagram post

Rachel started Food Gem in 2016, an independent and stand-alone, one-stop food and lifestyle blog where she can account for her affection for food. Food Gem showcases places where she genuinely enjoys the heavenly food, as well as her interesting, travel and lifestyle journey.


Owner Name: Rachel Chua

Instagram: @foodgemsg

Followers: 12,000

4. Ms SkinnyFat

screenshot from ms skinnyfat's instagram

Ms SkinnyFat, a blog run by Cheryl describes herself as a fun-sized girl with a huge appetite. This larger than life blogger prepares her readers for a feast, and makes sure they work for the extra calories they will encounter.


Owner Name:  Cheryl

Instagram: @msskinnyfat

Followers: 6,219

5. I Eat And Eat

screenshot from @ieatandeat instagram

Determined to showcase the best of local and international dishes in Singapore, the Chua family started IEatandEat in 2013. With the promise of sharing with their readers the culinary scene in Singapore, IEatandEat will definitely keep you up to date!


Owner Name: The Chua Family

Instagram: @ieatandeat

Followers: 7,678

6. SG Food On Foot

screenshot from @sgfoodonfoot instagram

With so many food blogs out there, Derrick offers a different take with his blog, SG Food On Foot. Not only does he share with his followers his food experiences, but he also shares with them directions such as the closest MRT stations with estimated travel time.  


Owner Name: Derrick Tan

Instagram: @sgfoodonfoot

Followers: 45,600

7. Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow  

screenshot from @rubbisheatrubbishgrow instagram

Rubbish eat Rubbish Grow, or “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” in Hokkien, this blog takes a no-nonsense approach to food. Arron Ho, creator of Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow takes on an alternative approach with regards to his food reviews.


Owner Name: Aaron Ho

Instagram: @rubbisheatrubbishgrow

Followers: 34, 900

8. LadyIronChef

screenshot from @ladyironchef instagram

Brad Lau, the brains behind the blog LadyIronChef started his blogging journey in 2007, writing about his personal experiences and his inexplicable love for food. With his honest reviews, Brad has built up a platform where his readers can trust his website and be the one they turn to for guides and information.


Owner Name: Brad Lau

Instagram: @ladyironchef

Follower: 629, 000

9. MissTamChiak

screenshot from @misstamchiak instagram

Maureen Ow, creator of MissTamChaik grew up in a family of enthusiastic foodies and has always loved all things food. In her blog, you will find posts of various scales from street vendors and hawkers to cafes and fine dining restaurants. With the ever-growing culinary scene in Singapore, Maureen started this blog in 2007 and has been considered one of the top food blogs in Singapore, garnering over a million views per month.


Owner Name: Muareen Ow

Instagram: @misstamchiak

Followers: 103,000

10. The Ranting Panda

@therantingpanda instagram post

The Ranting Panda came to be in 2012, a space where Ranter and Rantee (moniker) come together and rant about food, as well as juggling their professional jobs. The Ranting Panda has been nominated TOp 10 Best Food Blog Finalist, Singapore Blog Awards in 2014 and 2015, was voted Top 10 Most Popular Blogs at the Singapore Blog Awards 2015, and Singapore Website Awards 2017 as Site of the Month Nov 2017.


Owner Name: Ranter & Rantew (moniker)

Instagram: @therantingpanda

Followers: 27,900

11. Halal Food Blog

@thehalalfoodblog instagram post

The Halal Blog began in 2012 by Adam Shah and Maryah Qubt  stemming for their love of food, and when they noticed that not a lot of blogs out there were catered to those who are looking for Hala food.


Owner Name: Adam Shah and Maryah Qubt

Instagram:  @thehalalfoodblog

Followers: 47,700

12. Fundamentally Flawed

@fundamentally_flawed instagram post

Finding her calling in the Pastry Arts, Lee Sihan studied in Le Cordon Bleu in Sydney. Now back in Singapore, Lee started her blog, Fundamentally Flawed to share both the beauty and flaws of food. Fundamentally Flawed has won Singapore’s Top 50 Food Blogs 2017.


Owner Name: Lee Sihan

Instagram: @fundamentally_flawed

Followers: 37, 400

13. Exploding Belly

@explodingbelly instagram post

What started out as a blog on fitness, Exploding Belly by Clara Chua is a blog that now revolves around food. As a food blogger, Clara stays in shape by hitting the gym and playing basketball, something she has done for 13 years.


Owner Name: Clara Chua

Instagram: @explodingbelly

Followers: 32, 900

14. FatClay

@fatclay instagram post

Clay Chua, owner of FatClay is an Instagram and blogger influencer from Singapore that covers topics from food, food recipes, travel, and all things in between.


Owner Name: Clay Chua

Instagram: @fatclay

Followers: 11, 500

15. EatBook

@eatbooksg instagram post

EatBook consists of not just one foodie, but a group of writers who not only love food but are expert cooks as well. They offer honest undercover reviews for their readers, gaining a large and loyal following.


Instagram: ttps://

Followers: 75,167

16. Delishar

screenshot from delishar's instagram post

Sharon Lim, a self-taught cook, started Delishar in order to share recipes, her experimental cooking, and snippets of her life. Sharon’s passion for food started at an early age, learning that food brings people together.


Owner Name: Sharon Lim


Followers: 6,218

17. PinkyPiggu

screenshot from @pinkypiggu instagram post

Writer and Photographer of PinkyPiggu, Nicole Poi started blogging to share her dining experiences and her cooking experiments with her readers. Like all lovers of food, Nicole keeps an eye out for new restaurants and keeps her followers updated.


Owner Name: Nicole Poi


Followers: 23, 467

18. The Ordinary Patrons

@ordinarypatrons instagram post

This Singaporean food blog shares with its readers impartial comments based not just from the food they encounter, but from the whole experience. From the atmosphere, to service, and even to pricing. The Ordinary Patron prides itself on being a blog for the ordinary Singaporean.



Followers: 1,372

19. Camemberu

@camemberu instagram profile

Author behind the award-winning blog Camembru, Catherin Ling has been blogging as early as 2007. Documenting her both her love for food and travel that has spanned across Asia. Through her blog, Catherine has gotten multiple opportunities writing for CNN Travel, NineMSN, and Yahoo Makanation and Makansutra. She has also graced the television screen and has appeared in food programs such as Food Wars Asia, and On The Red Dot to name a few.


Owner Name: Catherine Ling

Instagram: @camemberu

Followers: 7,124

20. DanielFoodDiary

@danielfooddiary on instagram

A man of many trades, Daniel started blogging in 2008 for SPH’s’s celebrity blog team, but began his own blog, DanielFoodDiary in 2011. Other than a food blogger, Daniel is an Associate Mediator at Eagles mediation and an Associate Lecturer at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


Owner Name:  Daniel Ang

Instagram: @danielfooddiary

Followers: 208,000

21. GNineThree

@gninethree food instagram blog

A food and travel blog that started in 2012 by Char, the name GNineThree came from the Bible - Genesis 9:3. Char started the blog in order to keep up with the new restaurants and cafe popping up in Singapore. Her love for food goes beyond trying them out to browsing through food magazines. In 2013, her older sister Crystal joined her in her food blogging journey.


Owner Name:  Char & Crystal

Instagram: @gninethree

Followers: 17,700

22. Crystal Wee

@crystal_wee instagram post about chicken and pancakes

Crystal Wee is the author of Crystal Wee blog. She blogs about the hidden gems secretly located in Singapore. In addition to starting her blog in 2011, she has also found interest in photography and hunting for the best gastronomic delights.


Owner Name: Crystal Wee

Instagram: @crystal_wee

Followers: 41,200

23. An Affair With Food

@anaffairwithfood instagram post about prawn noodles

An Affair With Food is an online publication run by two ambitious foodies, Xue Wei and Ketih. Originally a food blog that started back in 2013, this online publication covers Singapore’s hottest food trends and vibrant dining scene.


Owner Name: Tan Xue Wei, keith Jonathan

Instagram: @anaffairwithfood

Followers: 18, 300

24. Sparklette

@sparklette instagram post about black pepper pasta with soft shell crab

Veron Ang, the founder of Sparklette started blogging in 2003. Starting out as a hobby, her blog has grown in readership from across the world and consists of all things food and travel, and after becoming a mom, Veron has also started reviewing baby products.


Owner Name: Veron Ang


Followers: 830

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