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December 29, 2023
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You can't go two steps online without tripping over the word "Copywriting", and for good reason. A lot of what you read on the internet is copywriting. From webpages, to free reports and more. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, few people understand what it means or what entails.  Let's correct that! 

What is Copywriting? 

The art of creating persuasive marketing materials that entice people to take an action, such as clicking on a link is known as copywriting. It is, in essence, a form of textual salesmanship. But there's a lot more to it than that. The ultimate goal of effective copywriting is to increase sales and brand engagement. 

Finding the right words to tell your brand's story consistently is no easy feat. Thankfully, it is a skill that can be learned through practice and by imitating those who excel at it. 

World-Class Copywriting Examples


Ads that rhyme are memorable, likable, and easy to repeat to others, which is why they work! Bombas, for example, uses rhyming in the value proposition on their homepage to immediately capture the attention of new visitors.

“Kids Socks That Pop” is not only catchy, but it also incorporates Bombas' main product - socks! This is a recurring theme in almost all of the copy on their website. From "Hex Tec" to "Stock Up. Sock Up." If you want to make your marketing messages stick, take a page from Bombas and write your next copy with rhymes.

2. Moosejaw

Who says copywriting has to be dull? Not Moosejaw! A good copywriting example is how the outdoor clothing brand has mastered the use of humor in their marketing campaigns. They also use engaging language to appeal to their customers' emotions. Their brand voice can be found throughout their copy, from the homepage to call-to-action buttons, product descriptions, and even their return policy.

Moosejaw's use of humor humanizes their brand, and it can do the same for yours. You can amuse and assist your customers at the same time. Just keep in mind that clarity should never be sacrificed in the name of levity.


We're guessing you have a lot of unopened promotional emails in your inbox that you'll never read. So, how do you prevent your brand's promotional emails from sitting abandoned in your audience’s inbox? If the email open rate of Huckberry is any indication, using storytelling in your copywriting is the way to go.

 Captivate your audience in the same way that Huckberry does by telling stories about your products and services that remind them that there are real people behind your brand.

4. RXBar

Marketers often mention using copywriting to highlight benefits instead of features. RXBar appears to defy this conventional wisdom by simply listing features. But did they? RXBar understands that features are also benefits in the health and fitness niche, and they emphasized this.

 In a market flooded with unrecognizable ingredients and processed foods, a list of simple, easy-to-pronounce, healthy ingredients is sure to catch the attention of health-conscious consumers. As a result, the simplicity of the copy on the RXBar package immediately communicates transparency and captures the trust of its audience immediately.


What are your customers' concerns about your product or service? GymIt takes these answers and incorporates them directly into their copywriting to address  - and they do so with style and humor. All of their copy addresses gym goers' pain points that their customer-friendly policies cater to. 

To emulate GYMIT, demonstrate in your copy that you understand what your audience values and that your brand shares those values. Prospective customers will be more likely to believe in your brand.

6. Innocent

Innocent Drinks' website copy, like RXBar's, expresses the brand's essence by emphasizing features as benefits. Everything starts with a simple description: Smoothies made with "only the finest fruit." The company then acknowledges what their target customers are concerned about: no "weird things" in their food. It doesn't stop there; throughout their marketing copy, you'll notice their straightforward tone. 

7.The Hustle

Sometimes all it takes to be successful with copywriting is to write as if you were speaking to a friend. Hustle's use of wit in their opt-in copy makes it easy to let them into your inbox because they approach you as a friend rather than a sale. Hustle goes a step further by using a tone in their newsletter that is both professional and relatable, transforming otherwise dry information into scroll-worthy copy that keeps their users engaged.

8. Cards Against Humanity(CAH) 

If you're familiar with Cards Against Humanity, the self-proclaimed "party game for horrible people," you'll notice that the unusual wording in their copy is ideal for their target market and audience, who enjoy self-deprecating humor. Take note of how Cards Against Humanity does not try to appeal to everyone by changing their tone? You should not either. No, we're not suggesting you be as obnoxious as they are. All you have to do is make sure your copy is written specifically for your target audience.


Basecamp's landing page copy is always a delight to read because of their witty copywriting. Another reason we like this brand is that they use simple, clear, and conversational language in their marketing and sales copy—they are also not afraid to converse in the tone that their customers use when thinking, talking, and thinking about their business.

10. Intrepid Travel

One of the things we like about Intrepid Travel's great copywriting approach is how they deliver important information in a manner that's easy to read. Thereby threading the line between informational and interesting. You'll see examples of their functional copywriting in their package descriptions, package names,  and copy on their website. 

Make the Best Call to Action Today

Good and compelling copywriting is about finding the right mix of words to do three things in your copy: grab attention, represent your brand, and drive sales. To accomplish this, make sure your copy is simple to understand, addresses your audience's pain points, and conveys your brand message in a conversational tone.

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