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December 29, 2023
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From CrossFit to yoga and everything in between, staying fit is fun and requires a lot of dedication. Lucky for us, fitness influencers in Singapore are here to motivate us every step of the way. From beginners to well-seasoned health buffs, these Singaporean fitness buffs are here to help you on your road to a better and healthier body. And since fit is the new sexy, these fitness bloggers have gained traction in the online world and have built a sizable following to back it up.

Where there are days we’re all pumped for a workout, there are also days when the couch wins our heart. But worry not — these fitness influencers are here to help you get your dream body!

Fitness Bloggers Singapore: 20 Influencers You Should Be Following

1. Fay Hokulani

screenshot from fay hokulani's instagram post

Among one of the many fitness influencers in Singapore, Fay started blogging her fitness journey to share her personal fitness journey. She shares with her followers various topics such as tips on food, nutrition, fitness, and even beauty. Fay has also attained globally recognized training and certification as a fitness coach. With this, Fay has worked with big names in the industry such as Adidas, Maximuscle, and MyProtein.



Facebook :

Followers: 21.8k

2. Hana

screenshot from hana's instagram post

Among one of the popular fitness influencers in Singapore, Hana from Hana Does Yoga, is a certified 250hr Yoga Trainer Teacher. With yoga as one of the most trending forms of exercise, Hana’s sole practice is yoga and is a certified Ashtangi wannabe.


Followers: 15.5k

3. Jason Chee

screenshot from jason chee's instagram post

Jason Chee has been recognized as a Fitness Influencer of the Year, offering personal training for over 8 years. He also offers various workout sessions on his YouTube channel, Fit O’ Clock. With years of training and determination, Jason has one of those Hollywood bodies that is definitely fitness goals.



Followers: 41.3k

4. Sandra Riley Tang

screenshot from sandra riley tang's instagram post

Not just a fitness influencer, Sandra Tang is also an actor and singer. Sandra uses her platform to share with her followers inspiration, and her journey with ovarian cyst removal. With herself as an example, Sandra educates her followers on Instagram.



Followers: 89.7k

5. Ming Bridges

After finding out that she had hypothyroidism, a hormonal disorder that slows down metabolism and causes weight gain, Ming makes sure that she exercises regularly. Her routine is a mix of high-intensity training, yoga, and even weight training. Even when she's strapped for time, Ming finds ways to stay active like taking the stairs and dancing to her favorite songs.


Followers: 113k

6. Sabrina

screenshot from sabsiez's instagram post

Sabrina is an aspiring fitness influencer, one of the few you should definitely check out if you’re looking for some inspiration. Her Instagram is full of snaps showcasing her days in the gym, winning awards, and her beautiful smile.


Followers: 13.5k

7. Preston Sim

screenshot from preston sim's instagram post

Preston Sim is a familiar name among many fitness enthusiasts in Singapore. Preston offers a different approach to fitness, training through mindset training as well as fitness workouts. You can find his Instagram is full of inspirational and motivational quotes to get you through your journey, showing that Preston has a go-getting-spirit.


Followers: 40.1k

8. Benedict Koh

screenshot from benedict koh's instagram post

Benedict is a fitness influencer, fashion model, and athlete, offering up tips on both fitness and food. He believes that fitness is fun. With his dedication, he is occasionally working with brands for sponsorships.



Followers: 20.7k

9. Kristie Gannaway

screenshot from kristie gannaway's instagram post

Kristie is a Pro MMA Singaporean and Australian Atomweiht Fighter. This fitness influencer shares with her Instagram followers photos of her in MMA action, but not only that, she also shares her love for food, as Kristie is a foodie as well.



Followers: 14.4k

10. Jasmine Danker

screenshot from jasmine danker's instagram post

Jasmine Danker is not only a Singaporean fitness influencer, but she is also a personal trainer receiving numerous certifications such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and the American Council of Exercise. Jasmine is also an inspiring role model for young girls who want to explore and begin their journey in the fitness industry. All this to say that Jasmine has worked with various brands such as Reebok.




Followers: 23.7k  

11. Georgina Poh

screenshot from georgina poh's instagram post

A familiar name in the fitness industry, Georgina is a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise, and brand ambassador for both Nike and Nutrifirst. In addition, she was also awarded the Health and Wellness Influencer for SG in Influence Asia in 2015.




Followers: 132k

12. Darren Stephen Lim

screenshot from darren stephen lim's instagram post

Founder of D Fitness in 2011, Darren Lim is both a Fitness Model and Personal Trainer encouraging fitness enthusiasts to lead a healthier and fitter lifestyle.




Followers: 29.3k  

13. Jovin Koh

screenshot from jovin koh's instagram post

Jovin Koh, a sports and fitness influencer based in Singapore has won many awards and certificates such as Manhunt Singapore winner 2010, Mister Singapore 2008 Winner, and Manhunt International Best Physique 2010. Jovin’s journey has not been easy, with numerous information out there, he was left confused and found it difficult to push through. Now, Jovin believes in offering the right advice for all those who want to build muscle and beef up.



Followers: 10.6k

14. Jaime Teo

screenshot from jaime teo's instagram post

This mother, actress, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer, Jaime has a lot under her belt. Despite her busy schedule, Jaime stays persistent and focused on her workouts consisting of conditioning exercises and high intensity. In addition, Jaime shares and demonstrates workouts for both men and women using innovative methods to workout at home, clearly there are no excuses for getting in shape!


Followers: 110k

15. Regine Sum

screenshot from regine sum's instagram post

One of the newest Singaporean fitness influencers, Regine Sum is a personal trainer and strength conditioning coach, also offering special meals for her followers for a more holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Beginning her fitness journey in her early twenties, Regine can be frequently spotted in the gym.




Followers: 4,612

16. Vincent Ng

screenshot from vincent ng's instagram post

Vincent is a martial arts champion and founder of Wufang Singapore, a school for martial arts. In addition to martial arts, Vincent has also picked up the practice of yoga for self-improvement. This actor and fitness influencer encourages his followers of all walks of life to seek self-development and to persevere through difficult times.


Followers: 24.2k

17. Cheryl Tay

screenshot from cheryl tay's instagram post

One of the biggest fitness influencers in Singapore, Cheryl Tay has amassed a following of over 30,000. Like many of us, Tay has had body image issues growing up but has found a way to a healthier and fitter path.




Followers: 31.9k

18. Jade Seah

screenshot from jade seah's instagram post

A familiar face to many Singaporean fitness enthusiasts, Jade makes sure to share some fitness inspiration for all her followers. This celebrity fitness influencer does not shy away from different types of activities such as bungee workouts and trampoline fitness classes. If you’re bored and looking for fun workout activities, make sure to visit her Instagram!


Followers: 79.3k

19. Tyen Rasif

screenshot from tyen rasif's instagram post

A role model for young girls who strive for a fitter and healthier body, Tyen is the youngest world-ranked bodybuilder in Singapore - challenging the status quo in participating in Miss Singapore Universe 2018 as one of the rare candidates that showcase a muscular silhouette. Tyen shares fitness related videos to help young women and teenagers venture their fitness journey.


Followers: 43.6k

20. Zheng Ge Ping

screenshot from zheng ge ping's instagram post

Fitness knows no boundaries, and Zhen is here to prove it to us. At 54 years old, Zheng trains fitness enthusiasts, including an 84-year-old uncle! Zheng is also the founder of Star Fitness and Star Fitness Asia.


Followers: 79.7k

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