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December 29, 2023
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Shopping has now shifted to the digital age and those who will not adapt to this reality will be left behind. This has been the inevitable trend with how information, data, social media, and everything we need have become accessible thanks to the advent of the smartphone. Consumers aren’t slowing down and everything is expected to be delivered in an instant. 

Thanks to online shopping and selling platforms, corporations, and small businesses are able to market and sell their products while consumers are exposed to millions of options to choose from. Serving as the online marketplace, e-commerce has made it easier than ever before to buy and sell their goods and services.  

But when it comes to making the most out of your money, it’s best to utilize the top online store platforms. There are so many factors to consider, and in a time such as a global pandemic, it’s best to act fast and be familiar with who the top e-commerce players are in the field. 

With the technology we have today ever-evolving, here are ten online store spaces that have proven that can maximize profits for your business.

Online Selling Platform Singapore: 10 Best Online Store Sites For Your Business 

  1. Shopify 

Shopify is among the top-rated e-commerce sites on the market due to its functionality and usability. This Canadian-based company was founded in 2004 and prides itself on providing assistance to brands to set up their business. 

User experience is one of the unique features of Shopify as it allows business owners to help set up your site and start selling as quickly as possible. Apart from its customizability, there are no transaction fees and they are Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, ensuring everyone’s data is protected. 

While marketing and branding your online business must be done on your own, the $299 package offers a comprehensive package that can provide you with all-around support. If you’re not ready for that cost, a two-week free trial is available as well as cheaper packages that go as low as $9. 

  1. Redmart

Next on the list is Redmart, an Alibaba-backed company, that is known as a great platform for homemakers. This online platform was acquired by Lazada in 2011 and has served as an effective grocery delivery service. 

With consumers able to purchase their home essentials from wherever they are, Redmart serves as a helpful online platform to those who need a reliable user interface. Despite the growing competition in their business model, Redmart remains to have a large and loyal audience with thousands of customers ready to add to their cart. 

Opening a seller's account is free and this platform has also expanded to other countries beyond Singapore such as Hong Kong, and possibly in Indonesia.

  1. Carousell

Leveraging on consumers who are always on their mobile devices, Carousell offers a flexible selling model for those who need to sell an item fast. 

Founded by alumni of the National University of Singapore, Carousell has been synonymous with easy and convenient selling. It’s free to use for sellers and buyers in Singapore and anyone can sell anything on the platform and has been an easy way to make a quick dollar. 

While there have been reports of bogus buyers, being cautious and practicing proper selling protocol can make it easier to thwart these threats. 

  1. Zalora

Being fabulous has never been easier thanks to Zalora. This online selling platform has been in Singapore since 2012 and has been a prominent figure in the fashion industry. 

With its wide reach across Asia, Zalora has been able to provide quality items and quality service to Singapore customers — accompanied by a 30-day return policy.

Selling with Zalora in Singapore is easy and is convenient by following these steps

  1. Lazada

When it comes to a holistic range of products in Singapore, Lazada has been able to provide well to its consumers. 

The website opens the door to a wide network of customers of 560 million users. They are also recognized as the most popular e-commerce mobile app in Singapore. 

The commission fee may spike up as high as 13%, but selling to a large market with customers searching for their next find can be a worthwhile investment. 

It won’t be surprising if someone you know has a Lazada account. The network is large and there will always be shoppers constantly on their apps, providing you with a wide pool of customers to sell your products to. 

  1. Qoo10

As consumers find it easier and easier to shop whenever they can, Qoo10 provides an online selling platform for a comprehensive shopping experience for everyone in Singapore.

Although competition is high, along with transaction fees that range from 7% to 12% of each total transaction amount, the large database of active users can make up for it. 

There’s a huge market in the platform with 1.6 million registered users. From the Singapore market, the site is able to generate about $26 million in monthly revenue

  1. Reebonz

Pre-owned luxury items such as bags, accessories, jewelry, and shoes are here for everyone through Reebonz. They give the people in Singapore a better opportunity to attain their dreams of owning these once expensive items at a more affordable price. 

This online selling platform has about 4.5 million members and 100,000 products. Serving as a marketplace where it’s convenient for people to sell their loved items, it has also developed an app that can connect sellers to the right buyers.

Simply follow the terms and agreement of Reebonz to get started on your selling journey with their team. Make sure to have a copy of your business registration and profile. 

  1. HipVan

HipVan launched in Singapore back in 2013 with its goal of conquering the home market.  It is their vision for everyone to have an inspiring home. Therefore they’ve created a space for consumers to overcome their limited options when it comes to furniture. 

With its online platform making it convenient for coordinating, customers are given the opportunity to beat retail overhead, hence more realistic prices. 

Shipping rates range from $7 to $15 to those interested in availing of these services. 

  1. Shopee

Another giant in the online selling platform, Shopee has created a connection with Singapore shoppers since 2015. It also has a wide range of items to sell and has become synonymous with shopping online. Whether it’s for clothing, appliances, or anything under the sun, Shopee offers something for its customers. 

Claiming as the number one shopping site in Southeast Asia, Shopee offers risk-free shopping with their money-back guarantee. 

Their wide network coupled with an intuitive user interface on their apps makes it an open space for discussion and reviews — leading to a more productive and genuine discourse on just about any item. 

  1. WooCommerce

Jumping on the great use of the digital world, WooCommerce uses the customizable and open-source charm of WordPress to its advantage.

Setting up your own online store has become easier and at the same time unique with the capabilities of WooCommerce. While familiarity with WordPress comes as an advantage, the site still offers a complete package for any business owner. 

While it’s free, added services will cost around $29 to $299 for a more unique editing experience. 

E-commerce, Social Media and Online Shopping: Take It To The Next Level

All these brands and platforms have helped innovate the world with one click at a time. But with these businesses constantly facing a constant wave of challenges, it’s important to remain competitive in the market. 

Investing in a proper digital marketing agency can help brainstorm and bring strategic measures to life. With the constant need for action and improvement in this digital world, a digital marketing agency can help you evaluate what your business needs.

When it comes to making the most out of your money, it’s best to engage with those who know what to do in order to maximize your numbers. Don’t get left behind and schedule a free consultation on how to take your online selling platform to the next level by sending an email to 

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