The Most Successful Content Marketing Examples of 2021

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December 29, 2023
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Content marketing is extremely effective in terms of increasing brand equity, market share, and profit margins. Because, unlike other digital advertising strategies, it is not intrusive, so it is met with less resistance. In other words, content marketing enables you to capture your target audience’s full attention. 

That said, everyone requires inspiration from time to time, so we've compiled a list of examples to help inspire your next content marketing campaign.

The Most Successful Content Marketing Examples in 2021

1.GoPro's Million Dollar Challenge 

GoPro Million Dollar Challenge Digital Poster

GoPro is the world's leading manufacturer of action cameras, which are frequently used in extreme and dangerous environments, as well as in connected sports.

GoPro's online and offline success is largely due to its brilliant use of user-generated content, which demonstrates the power of UGC as a content marketing strategy that can massively increase brand reach. 

One of the most well-known GoPro UGC campaigns is their "Million Dollar Challenge," in which GoPro users are encouraged to submit their action videos for a chance to win a million dollars. This campaign alone has generated about 29,000 unique UGCs for the brand. 

2.Canva's Design School

Canva's content is housed in Design School, which is home to long-form focused classes, guides, and how-to-tutorials for their audience, rather than a traditional blog.

Although Canva's approach is a little unconventional, especially for a graphic design company, their investment in producing high-quality educational content has successfully earned the attention and trust of their target audience. Demonstrating that focusing your content marketing strategy on providing value to your audience is always a winning strategy

3.MoveHub's Infographics 

How does a mid-sized logistics firm get featured on major media sites such as Huffington Post and TIME magazine? The answers can be found in some eye-catching infographics.

Infographics, like pictures, are worth a thousand words. MoveHub capitalized on this power by making infographics the centerpiece of their content marketing campaign. Their map-based infographic pieces on topics such as "happiness index around the world" and "cost of living around the world" are particularly noteworthy.

MoveHub's brilliant use of infographics serves as a gentle reminder that an attractive and well-designed infographic can go a long way toward simplifying or bringing to life a boring or complex topic in a way that is easy to understand and provides immediate value to anyone who glances upon it.

4.Colgate's Research Page 

The way users interact with your content is just as important as the value it provides. The more accessible your content is, the better your content marketing campaign will be.

If you've been publishing content for a while, you most likely have a large content library, that's a lot of content to wade through! This is why Colgate created a resource page for their over 2,400 pieces of content, by dividing articles related to their main content "gum disease" into sections - making it easier for users to quickly find the content they need. 

5.The B2B Marketing Podcast 

The B2B Marketing Podcast Digital Poster

Choosing a publishing medium is an important step in creating a content marketing campaign. For B2B marketers the challenge, however, is how to deliver content in a manner that gets the attention of their audience. 

The B2B Marketing Podcast is so successful because it captured the attention of its on-the-go audience from the beginning by using podcasts as a medium for its content. Podcasts are an ideal medium for delivering content to a B2B audience because they are convenient. Everybody can listen to a podcast while driving or jogging, but they can't read a blog post!

6.Passion Planner

The foundation of content marketing is providing useful, valuable content for free. Passion Planner does a good job of this by providing tips and tricks that improve their customers' experiences. There are a lot of instructional videos, guides, and other types of content on the brand's blog and social channels.

Passion Planner's investment in creating useful content for their audience has resulted in high user engagement for the brand - they have over 386,000 Instagram followers and over 30,000 subscribers on their YouTube channel.

7. Canvas 1839

CBDs represent an industry that could profit from content marketing. as a relatively young industry, consumers need to be educated to make informed purchases. Canvas 1839's content strategy is centered on providing this information in order to streamline the buyer journey.

We particularly like their approach to blogging—they've carefully curated the content on their website into two categories for content that serves two purposes. This enables them to provide both related lifestyle content and educational content, while also separating the scientific content in a way that serves the shopper seeking unbiased information.

8.Rolex's Powerful Use of Photographs 

Rolex is proof that brands can nail content marketing by staying true to their brand persona.

Rolex illustrates this by communicating the quality and timeless nature of its brand through excellent photography.

The result? Rolex has over  6.6 million followers on Facebook and 7 million on Instagram. 

9. Smart Blogger’s Blogging Guide for Beginners

Detailed pieces of foundational content that steer your audience through topics relevant to your services or product are pillars of any great content marketing strategy.

Take a page from Smart Blogger and create a go-to resource guide to grow your email list, build authority in your niche, nurture leads and generate awareness.

10. Blendtec

Screenshot of Blentec's "Will It Blend?" Campaign

Blendtec's viral "Will It Blend" video series demonstrates that there is no such thing as an uninteresting niche - you've simply been producing the wrong types of content for your target audience.

Who would have guessed that putting strange things in blenders would get people so excited?

Thanks to this brilliant content marketing strategy, Blendtec saw a 700% increase in sales within three years.

On a Final Note

In order for your content marketing efforts to be successful, they must be strategic and well-planned. The more thought you put into creating and promoting your content, the more traffic, authority, and revenue you will gain.

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