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December 29, 2023
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In the beauty industry, technology has made the lives of many easier by giving us numerous products that we could not have imagined before. On the other hand, we are also now spoiled for choice and can’t decide on what to choose from the many options given to us.

There’s always something new, a new shade of lipstick you don’t have yet, a new product that you’ve been eyeing, or a completely new brand that just launched. So how do we go through all of the products and brands displayed in front of us? Beauty bloggers.

Nowadays, small businesses are working with beauty bloggers to get their products out into the world to help improve sales and visibility. So how can beauty bloggers help you? In this article, we’ll tell you exactly how.

What is a Beauty Blogger?

Beauty bloggers by definition are individuals who have extensive knowledge about hair, makeup, and fashion. They have to keep up to date with the latest trends and products, as well as maintain their social media accounts, by posting or engaging with their followers.

They create content for their blog, written or video, based on their opinions as well as on keywords that are high in traffic and search volume. A beauty blogger can sponsor content on their social media accounts as advertisements, or they can post about your product organically. Showcasing your products to their followers.

Through these blogs, these beauty bloggers share their thoughts on the beauty products, and whether or not they recommend it to their followers. They are the voices that your consumers trust with 84% of your consumers purchasing a product after they hear a beauty blogger review the product on their social media accounts.

Also, beauty bloggers collaborate with other influencers in the beauty community. Building relationships with other beauty bloggers is important. They often have collaborations together, sharing their views and opinions to their combined followers.

Why Should You Work with Beauty Bloggers?

Singapore beauty bloggers have built up a following of thousands and even millions, making their reach impeccable. They talk to your target market on a daily basis, and they help your consumers decide on which product to buy. They also keep your target market up to date on your new products and when they would launch.

For small businesses, it may be challenging to reach out to your customers, or even build up a new customer list. Hence, it is important to work with a trusted beauty blogger. When a beauty blogger with a loyal following starts using your products and demonstrates how to use them, it is very likely that those followers may soon start using the product as well. Working with a beauty blogger whom your consumers’ trust will help them trust your brand.

Beauty bloggers also provide measurable results from being able to expand your market and reaching new audiences. As they collaborate with other beauty bloggers in the community, they are introduced to another group of audiences, hence, expanding their following and in turn reaching new consumers for your brand.

Beauty comes in all shades and tones, and no longer limited to women of a certain age. Here a few beauty bloggers in Singapore you should check out!

15 Beauty Bloggers in Singapore You Should Be Following

1. Ena Teo

@ena_teo instagram post

The trendy and vibrant real estate agent and founder of lifestyle blog Ena Teo is an award-winning lifestyle blogger sharing her personal reviews and visuals with her readers. Ena has collaborated with various brands such as Estee Lauder, Revolve Clothing, and Resorts World Sentosa/Genting.

Instagram: @ena_teo
Followers: 7,679

2. The Beauty Desk

@smitadesouza instagram

With over 10 years of experience as a beauty editor and makeup artist in both Singapore and India, The Beauty Desk by Smita combines her passion for beauty and writing. Sharing with her readers trade secrets she has learned over the past decade as well as a variety of reviews on different products, believing that it doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective.

Instagram: @smitadesouza
Followers: 2,319

3. Celine Chiam

@chiamhuiy instagram

A beauty, food, and travel blogger, Celine Chiam’s blogging journey is filled with various awards including Ambassador for Clozette, Nux Miss Prodigieuse Winner 2014, and 2015 Official Blogger for the Marina Bay Countdown.

Instagram: @chiamhuiy
Followers: 33.5K

4. Musical Houses

@musicalhouses instagram

Musical Houses discovered her love for makeup by traveling between Chicago and London. Sharing with her 14,300 followers beautiful flat lay compositions, personal anecdotes, as well as first impressions. She has also been nominated finalist for the SG Blog Awards Best Beauty Blog twice.

Instagram: @musicalhouses
Followers: 14.3K

5. Sweetest Sins


This Singapore beauty blogger, Patricia Tee of Sweetest Sins offers up more than just beauty in her blog. She’s also a travel blogger, fitness blogger, and parent blogger. She also shares DIYs with her readers. She has partnered with various beauty brands to share her thoughts and opinions on their products. Rose&Co, and Nivea to name a few.

Instagram: @yongwei318
Followers: 728

6. Makeup Stash

@makeupstash instagram

Makeup Stash is a blog run by Mag that presents product reviews, makeup news, and giveaways. Welcoming all the beauty fanatics from all around.

Instagram: @makeupstash
Followers: 8,681

7. Love For Skin Care

@loveforskincare instagram post

The beauty guru behind Love For Skin Care, Leane Ho is a mother based in Singapore who shares her life through her pictorial magazine, from beauty routine to style picks. This 45-year old mom is your perfect go-to for targeting older women who want to turn back time.

Instagram: @loveforskincare
Followers: 60.7K

8. B For Bun Bun

@bforbunbun instagram post

Juli, alter ego Bun Bun, started blogging to share her love for makeup with others. Not only that but she also shares tips on makeup application, and recommendations - all from an Asian perspective.

Instagram: @bforbunbun
Followers: 7,884

9. Karen Ashley

@renzze instagram

Founder of Renzze, Karen Ashley’s inspiration stems from traveling, nature, and art. She started her blog to keep in touch with friends while abroad but eventually grew to something more such as working with major brands like Lancome, Stella McCartney, and many more. She shares her love of travel, photography, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. Renzee has accumulated various awards and has been featured in magazines and television.

Instagram: @renzze
Followers: 30K

10. June De Jour

@junedujour instagram

By day, June is a Digital Marketing Specialist. By night, she is the eclectic beauty blogger that runs June Du Jour. In addition to that, she is also the editor at Blackbox Singapore and Clozette Co. Starting her blogging journey back in 2013. This self-proclaimed beauty guru became The Best Beauty Blog Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2014.

Instagram: @junedujour
Followers: 6,825

11. Beauty By Rah

@beautybyrah instagram

Sarah, the brain behind Beauty By Rah, started her blogging journey in 2014. Originally writing about makeup and skincare. Throughout the years, Beauty By Rah evolved and is now a platform where Sarah shares her thoughts and experiences that includes travel and lifestyle. A year after starting her blog, Sarah was also an SG Best Beauty Blog Finalist in 2015.

Followers: 4,231

12. Cyndi Soh Xinyi

cyndi soh

Cyndi blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. She finds that blogging and writing liberates her. You can find Cyndi thriving as a night owl, reading and hanging with her furbabies.

Followers: 7,527

13. Beauty Buns

@beautifulbuns_sg instagram

Full-time journalist and editor now beauty blogger, Cheryl who runs Beauty Buns has various awards under her belt including the Top 3 Best Beauty Blogs for the Singapore Blog Awards 2014, Most Popular Beauty Blog for the Singapore Blog Awards in 2015, and Beauty category winner for the inaugural HerWorldPlus Social Media Awards.

Followers: 36.2K

14. The Leiav

@shanthiarumugam instagram post

The Singapore based Indian Beauty and Lifestyle blogger Shanthi started her YouTube channel in 2014, and her blog in 2016 to share her love and interest in all things makeup and beauty for all Indian women. Her blog, The LeiaV has reached various milestones since such as Top 100 Indian Beauty Blogs in the Planet, Top 35 Beauty Bloggers in Singapore Your Brand Should Follow as well as Star Clozetter.

Instagram: @shanthiarumugam
Followers: 4,735

15. Juliana Stryker

@ilovebunnynet instagram post

A fashion, beauty and travel devotee, Juliana started I Love Bunny to help her fellow fashionistas and beauty mavens in their fashion journey, offering up tips and fashion advice, as well as beauty reviews and tips for Southeast Asian Skin.  Today, she makes up Singapore’s circle of most trusted beauty influencers.

Instagram: @ilovebunnynet
Followers: 10.1K

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