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December 29, 2023
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One type of marketing that has proven its effectiveness in influencing decisions, thoughts and opinions is influencer marketing. This type of marketing enables businesses to collaborate with persons or celebrities to help elevate their brand to the next level.

There are various types of influencers who have built up a reputation based on their knowledge and expertise on their niche topics. In addition, they also have different types of content on social media platforms that they create and share with their followers.

With all the different social media influencers on the rise, such as beauty bloggers and lifestyle bloggers, an opportunity for your business to grow arises as well. Bloggers have a massive reach when it comes to connecting and engaging with your consumers and with the right social media influencer, you can reach a high volume of customers, as well as gain new consumers every month.

Why Should You Consider Working with Influencers and Bloggers?

With a country that is as technologically advanced as Singapore, the internet has become an important aspect of the lives of every Singaporean, and the use of the internet is constantly growing at an alarming rate. Why not take advantage of this phenomenon and work with those who know it best? This just shows how strong social media influencers’ social media accounts are to market your products and services.

About half of the population in Singapore is made up of youths, a demographic where the use of the internet has become a default, more than any other age group in the country. With the help of influencers, their perspectives and opinions can be molded in a way that will be beneficial to your business or brand.

In this day and age, with the rise of social media and influencer marketing, you can be sure that other businesses are working with an influencer to promote their brand. In a market that is competitive, social media influencers and online media bloggers will surely help make a mark for your brand.

With all the big names in the influencer and blogging industry, how does one choose who to work with? Read our list below to find out the top influencers and bloggers in Singapore.

Influencer Singapore: 25 Influencers You Should Be Following

1. Andrea Chong

screenshot of one of andrea chong's instagram posts

Andrea Chong, a social media influencer and Singaporean blogger with over 300,000 followers on Instagram, started her blogging journey to connect with her viewers. As one of the top influencers in Singapore with a large number of followers, she has been consistently ranked in many top lists for Singapore Lifestyle Bloggers and Instagram Influencers, and has appeared on television as a stylist and guest judge.

In addition, she was ranked 1st on Digital Advertising Agency Hippo Network’s “Top 50 fashion Bloggers in Singapore”, and was also given the Fashion Icon of the Year Award in 2015 by the Singapore Social Media awards.

Instagram: @dreachong





2. Peggy C

screenshot of one of peggy c's instagram posts

The brain behind the blog Six Pegs, Peggy C shares her love for fashion, food, travel, and all things lifestyle with her followers. Traveling the world and sharing her thoughts one blog at a time. In addition to running Six Pegs, she also runs two cafes, The Tiramisu Hero and Butter My Buns.


Instagram: @sixpegs

Instagram Followers: 25.5k

3. Sophie Willocq

screenshot of one of sophie willocq's instagram posts

Sophie’s blogging journey began in 2005 when it was the cool thing to do back then. With many years of blogging under her belt, this Singaporean blogger has won the New Paper New Face, the largest local modeling competition at 15 years old. Since then she has been appointed a judge for the same contest on 2 occasions and has also appeared in various advertisements for brands such as Canon.

Today, she’s considered as one of the top influencers in Singapore with her significant number of followers.


Instagram: @sophiewillocq

Instagram followers: 81.2k

4. Sharon Chia

screenshot of one of sharon chia's instagram posts

Starting her blog back in 2004, Sharon would help her friends and family with fashion and beauty advice. Since then, her hobby has grown into her passion. In 2007, Sharon became a finalist in the Miss Singapore 2007. She was also awarded Miss Biker babe and the Miss LFI. In addition, She has also appeared in various magazines including Cozycot Beauty and CLEO magazine in Singapore. In 2011, she also launched her own retail business, Montrose Desires.


Instagram:  @sharonachia

Instagram followers: 10k

5. Yoyo Cao

screenshot of one of yoyo cao's instagram posts

Yoyo Cao has been recognized by her unique style, and bold use of colors. This has gotten the attention of some of the biggest brands such as Chanel, Fendi, and Gucci. Being one of Singapore’s most internationally recognized social media personalities, Yoyo has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue.


Instagram: @yoyokulala

Followers: 398k

6. Timothy Ho

screenshot of one of timothy ho's instagram posts

One of Singapore’s top influencers, Timothy is an entrepreneur, a media owner, writer, co-founder and the managing director of He has been helping people make their financial and life-changing decisions. He is not afraid to try new things or methods and strategies to improve the financial status of his people.


Instagram: @dnssingapore



Followers: 2.3k

7. Roshni Mahtani

screenshot of one of roshni mahtani's instagram posts

One of the most recognizable faces in Singapore, Roshni is an entrepreneur and founder of Tickled Media, a platform for women in Asia known for their service expanding across the Asian mother market. In addition, Roshni remains to be an active figure in the start up community and founded the Female Founders Network (FFN) back in 2005. With her platform reaching at least 20 million views per month, it is clear that Roshni is still making waves in the industry and has become one of the top influencers in Singapore.


Instagram: @theasianparent



Followers: 15.9k

8. Nichole Changmin

screenshot of one of nichole changmin's instagram posts

A solid YouTube presence with over 30 thousand subscribers, and over 50 thousand followers on Instagram, Nichole updates her blog and her readers with all things lifestyle, fashion and beauty.


Instagram: @nicolechangmin



Followers: 53.4k

9. Mongchin Yeoh

screenshot of one of mongchin yeoh's instagram posts

This 26-year-old lifestyle blogger is known for her YouTub and blog as Mongabon. Her YouTube channel, with over 60,000 subscribers hosts various tutorials on fashion, makeup, and topics. Mongchin started her blog back in 2013, and since then has become a brand ambassador for several beauty brands.  


Instagram: @mongabong



Followers: 230k

10. Kate Purk

screenshot of one of kate purk's instagram posts

Nominated among the top 15 breakout influencers in Asia, Katie Purk is a Singaporean blogger who shares hair grooming practices and fashion deals. She has worked with a number of brands and is on her way to be one of Singapore’s greatest influencers.


Instagram: @katepurk




Followers: 51.9k

11. Christabel Chua

screenshot of one of christabel chua's instagram posts

Christabel Chua, also known as Bellywellyjelly, is a very active blogger and influencer in Singapore. Having been nominated as Singapore Social Media Award Nominee for Breakout Star of 2015, this 27-year-old blogger blogs on a variety of topics such as beauty, health, and travel. In addition, she has also won Miss Photogenic and Best Skin at Miss Universe, Singapore 2014.


Instagram: @bellywellyjelly


Followers: 248k

12. Carrie Wong

screenshot of one of carrie wong's instagram posts

Carrie Wong a Singaporean actress and content developer is contracted under MediaCorp, a reality television competition, where she was discovered. She has been listed in the Top 10 most popular female artiste for 4 years at the Star Awards ceremony as well as being nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Best Newcomer, and Best actress over the course of their exciting career.

Instagram: @carriewst



Followers: 265k

13. Benjamin Kheng

screenshot of one of benjamin kheng's instagram posts

A household name in Singapore, Benjamin Kheng is a talented singer, actor, and YouTube star who has won the hearts of Singaporeans with his versatility and talent. With a large following, and a fan favorite, it is clear to see why brands want him alongside all other Singaporean influencers.


Instagram: @benjaminkheng



Followers: 198k

14. Jian Hao

screenshot of one of jian hao's instagram posts

Jian Hao is a top-rated YouTuber with over 21 million subscribers, making him one of the few famous influencers in Singapore. All of his content on YouTube is a mix of educational and fun content, making him relatable to his subscribers. With a massive following, it is clear to see why many top dogs in the industry want to collaborate with him. In addition, he is also the CEO at TitanDigitalMedia.

Instagram: @thejianhaotan



Followers: 598k

15. Isabel Tan

screenshot of one of isabel tan's instagram posts

Better known as prettyfrowns, Isabel Tan is one of Singapore’s top influencers, especially when it comes to traveling. She has been recognized for her fashion sense and beauty, Isabel has worked with tons of brands. Lately, she has been sharing recipes, DIY’s and life hacks with her followers, showing just how versatile she really is.




Followers: 242k

16. Beatrice Tan

screenshot of one of beatrice tan's instagram posts

A role model for many young Asian girls, Beatrice started blogging in 2005 and it grew in popularity. Soon enough blogging became a great medium for her to write and share her passion with her readers. Currently, Beatrice is focused on her local online fashion label, Klarra selling clothes designed for the Asian market.


Instagram: @beatricesays

Instagram followers: 76.3k

17. Myke Motus

screenshot of one of myke motus' instagram posts

A visual artist, creative content creator, and social media manager are just a few things that Myke has under his belt. Sharing his visually appealing views to his followers, Myke lives, and breathes for art. His blog covers various things such as design, gadgets,  and grooming. If you’re looking for someone to help you promote your business, Myke is your guy!


Instagram: @mykemotus

Instagram followers: 23.2k

18. Magdalene Tan

screenshot of one of magdalene tan's instagram posts

Magdalene Tan, a lifestyle blogger that enjoys sharing the fun moments in her life with her followers, winning their hearts one blog post at a time. Magdalene writes about different topics such as events, food lifestyle, and travel.


Instagram: @chantalmag

Instagram followers: 1.8k

19. Wendy Cheng

screenshot of one of wendy cheng's instagram posts

Hitting back against haters since 2003, Wendy Cheng, or better known as Xiaxue, is a YouTuber, mom, and blogger with over 50,000 readers. This Singaporean blogger writes about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and anything under the sun. Xiaxue has worked with brands and enjoys sponsorships. She has also appeared on the cover of 8 Days Magazine.


Instagram: @xiaxue




Followers: 607k

20. Seth Lui  

screenshot of one of seth lui's instagram posts

Building a following of over 70,000 foodies, Seth showcases the delicious foods in Singapore and all across Asia. He also blogs about travel, and nightlife, garnering over 1M views every month, making his blog one of the most successful blogs in the country. He also shares with his readers popular and hidden food gems all across Singapore.


Instagram: @sethluicious




Followers: 104k

21. Daniel Boey

screenshot of one of daniel boey's instagram posts

David Boey is no unfamiliar face. Referred to as the “Godfather of Singapore Fashion”, David is a fashion and creative director and one of the most influential figures in the fashion industry, having worked with international celebrities such as Tyra Banks, David Archuletta, and Allen Wu to name a few. David was also invited as a guest stylist for an episode of Germany’s Next Top Model.


Instagram: @danielboey



Followers: 11.4k

22. Andie Chen

screenshot of one of andie chen's instagram posts

This crowned Star Search Champion, Andie Chen is someone you may have seen on television. He has built a solid following that includes his fans. This father of two has his own YouTube channel where he shares informative insights on what it takes to a successful individual in the creative industry.

Instagram: @andiechen




Followers: 119k

23. Mr. Brown

screenshot of one of mr brown's instagram posts

Mr. Brown is one of Singapore’s most influential bloggers, having amassed over 400,000 social media followers. This Singaporean blogger is a satirist, publishing humorous social and political commentaries.


Instagram: @mr_brown



24. Roseanne Tang

screenshot of one of roseanne tang's instagram posts

Co-founder of Bloom Kit Cosmetics and Singaporean blogger, Roseanne is an expert makeup artist having studied in the London School of Beauty and Makeup. She shares tutorials and guidelines with her readers.


Instagram: @roseannetangrs


Followers: 14.4k  

25. Melissa Celestine Koh

screenshot of one of melissa celestine koh's instagram posts

As an outlet to express herself and share her thoughts, Melissa started her blog in 2004. Since then, she has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in the beauty and fashion industry such as Carolina Herrea, Dior, Tiffany & Co. and Singapore Airlines.In 2017, she has also been chosen to represent Fujifilm as ambassador, and as the exclusive spokesperson for Changi Airport Singapore. In addition, she has also appeared in various magazines for brands such as Shu Uemua, and Max & Co.


Instagram: @melissackoh

Instagram followers: 254k

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