The Top Call Tracker Tools You Should Know About

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December 29, 2023
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If your business involves customers or leads calling in, you should be implementing call tracking or simply tracking which marketing campaigns drove the calls.

Otherwise, your marketing and sales team are literally working blindfolded as they will have no idea what is working and what isn’t!

However, with this game-changer implemented, your teams will have full visibility over the customer journey from digital to phone closes,  and identify improvement opportunities even from the calls themselves with call recordings.

What Are Call Trackers and What Do They Do?

Call tracking is a system of associating unique numbers with your adverts, landing pages, social media or search campaigns - all of which with the help of call tracking softwares. 

For best effect, these call tracker softwares can also be linked with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to pool together associated data to determine the factors and campaigns driving calls. 

Linking call trackers platforms with your CRM also allows you to provide better call experiences as it will enable your teams to have full visibility on important information on your callers - even new leads pinpointing the product / service they are interested in based on the source of their call.

An often overlooked advantage of call tracker tools is the beyond the digital marketing realm but rather offline marketing which is often hard to get visibility on. With unique numbers tracking the source of your offline channels, you can finally quantify the success rate of these offline channels.

The best call tracker tools also go beyond simply tracking the calls, and help with intelligent routing of your calls or minimally integrate with other systems that do so to ensure callers are directed to the right person or team in a timely fashion.

Now you might be wondering which call tracker tool works best for you - find out from our curated list of the top call tracker tools.

Top Call Tracking Tools You Should Know About in 2021

1. Hubspot

A complete CRM and sales suite tool, call tracking is a native function with complete integration. Furthermore, it also allows you to make calls directly from your browser using their platform.

You can call via a desk phone number or Voice over IP (VoIP) line along with call recording functionality into the CRM. All these combined with their email tracking and marketing suite allows a seamless experience for your team.

Best of all their basic features are completely free and unlimited usage.

2. WhatConverts

WhatConverts is able to track phone calls, forms, chats, and transactions, and tie each lead back to the original marketing source. Beyond the comprehensive amount of data they are able to collect to manage your leads, they also provide powerful analytics.

This is a paid subscription service starting from $30 up to $100+ monthly, fortunately, there is also a 14 day free trial available.

3. Hoiio

Hoiio’s call tracking service allows you to use virtual numbers from 60+ countries and tagged to your relevant marketing campaign. It also allows keyword tagging and call recording for deeper analytics and quality improvement.

Hoiio subscription starts from $13/month with a free trial available.

4. CallFire

CallFire is a focused call tracking tool which allows you to choose local, toll-free, or international numbers from CallFire’s database and integrates with Google Analytics or other analytics data providers. It also provides custom notifications for important call information and access through mobile or email.

It is a paid service charging $0.05 per minute/text or up to $599 per month, with a free trial option available.

5. CallRail

CallRail is a popular call attribution platform with the capability to easily route and track calls and forms. It also integrates with several major marketing and sales platforms.

It also allows specific rules setting which can detect specific keywords and automatically score or tag calls based on the call transcripts. Custom reports are available to quickly filter and visible the data.

CallRail costs $30 - $120 / month with a free trial available.

6. CallTrackingMetrics

CallTrackingMetrics utilises call tracking intelligence to facilitate contact center automation creating a personalized customer experience. Besides the standard suite of call tracking features alongside call flows and call centre automations, it also allows seamless integration with Google Ads, Salesforce, Zendesk and other common platforms, alongside end-to-end tracking and analytics.

CallTrackingMetrics is also recognized in Inc. Magazine's 5000™ list of fastest-growing private companies, and used by over 100,000 users worldwide

Prices start from $39/month with a free trial option available.

7. Infinity

Infinity is considered to have the best-in-class reliability amongst call trackers being available in over 75 countries and trusted by large brands and agencies globally such as TripAdvisor, Rackspace and Mazda. They also offer a full analytics suite as well as fully encrypted SIP calls for greater security.

Prices start from $25/month with a trial option available on request.

8. RingBa

RingBa is a full feature call tracking and analytics platform for marketers, call centers, and agencies to help manage call flows, tag granular data to campaigns, and optimize their performance using real-time reporting and analytics.

They have a freemium option available which charges for every tracking by minutes and fees for each number monthly which may be useful for low usage businesses. Their premium subscription of $99 / month gives discounted rates for higher usage.

9. RingDNA

RingDNA is great for Salesforce users, as their dialer integrates with Salesforce to automate tasks and capture call information, and directly feeds custom reports into Salesforce.

For non-Salesforce users, their ConversionAI is also a powerful feature that produces best practices for sales teams based on performance metrics, context, and outcome data.

10. InfoFlo

InfoFlo is a CRM and VoIP provider that offers their premium features such as call recording, embedded forms, advanced analytics, Gmail integration and more for free. They pride themselves on a simple line-based pricing model with no hidden costs.

Prices are fixed at $29.99 / line with unlimited extensions.

A Final Call Out

Remember the best tool may not necessarily be the one with the most advanced features or priciest but as with any tool - the one which works best with your business’ existing systems and teams.

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